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your guide to serviced offices 

Serviced offices have been around since the 1960's starting in the United States.  This is a great concept for businesses who want to budget their requirements and don't want the responsibly of maintaining offices. It's a popular concept, around about 80000 businesses work from serviced and managed workspace in the UK.

Many businesses who operate within serviced office space normally accommodate for 2 people on average from our experience, this reflects the types of businesses that rent space from startups to project-based enterprises. Serviced office space allows businesses to upsize in the event of more space requirements, this may include relocation requirements or overflow capacity. 


Traditional difficulties associated with ‘leased’ offices are that these are normally on a fixed period and require the tenant to undertake the maintenance of the space, flexibility is limited.

No all providers are the same

Free UK and mobiles calls in the price

Not all service office space is the same, that’s why One Business Village is the only serviced office space provider in the city offering 'all-inclusive' pricing. 

We cover all the utility costs which include; power, light and heating as well as water charges and internet access.

Some providers charge for internet access, some providers charge extra for offices with windows! Don’t get caught out on the offer cheap rents but then charged hidden service or set up charges.


All our offices have windows,  we never apply hidden service or set up charges.

To get you started, we provide every office one telephone handset, you can make free calls to local, national and mobile numbers.   You can choose from any geographic telephone number from the UK range, these are new telephone numbers so feel free to use them in advertising,  business cards and promotional listings. 


 If you need extra handsets, we can provide these starting from as little as £10 per month which include free local, national and mobile calls.  If you have an existing telephone number with another provider, not a problem you can transfer your telephone number to us 

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